Powerline Smith Gym

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Powerline Smith Gym
One of America's favorite gyms with literally tens of thousands of satisfied owners across the nation. We revolutionized home weightlifting in the last decade when we introduced an economical and practical version of a health club tradition: The Smith Machine.

The unique, patented bushing system and super smooth sliding carriages will help you achieve rapid results in a controlled and safe environment that has been proven by customers like yourself for years. It's time to join the ranks of fitness enthusiasts nationwide with America's #1 choice for factory direct fitness equipment.

Bar is 1" Dia. Pictured with Optional Olympic Adapter Sleeves #OAS14. Weight plates and collars optional.

Product Dimensions:
Width : 76.00in / 1,930.40mm
Length : 45.00in / 1,143.00mm
Height : 85.00in/2,159.00mm

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