Body-Solid G9S Two-Stack Gym

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Multiple Users
This multi-station workhorse provides health club quality strength training for up to three people simultaneously (with optional GKR9).

The G9 series of gyms features a multi-function Press Arm Station for bench press, incline press, shoulder press and chest supported mid row exercises.

The Perfect Pec Station with fully adjustable range of motion allows users to achieve deeper muscle penetration for faster, more defined results.

The Leg Press/ Calf Press Station operates on its own seperate weight stack, with a 2 to 1 weight ratio, giving the G9 Gyms the awesome capacity of a 420 lb leg press

Add the optional Vertical Knee Raise / Dip Staion (GKR9) and up to three peopel can workout simultaneously on the G9S.

Multi-Press Arms
Advanced engineering has resulted in exceptional range of motion and full adjustability for any size user. The multi-grip press arm system delivers deep and effective muscle interaction for chest, incline and shoulder press movements.

No need to sit on the floor to perform rowing exercises with the G9S, simply grasp the mid row handles for an exhilarating mid and lower back workout that will increase flexibility, build strength and relieve lower back stress.

Leg Press
The G9S includes a powerfule Leg Press & Calf Press attachment that operates on a 2:1 ratio turning the 210 lb. weight stack into 420 pounds of leg-blasting workouts. Advanced design reduces spinal compression while allowing full range-of-motion in a natural, biomechanical movement. Fully adjustable back pad and an ergonomically designed, pivoting foot plate accomodates all size users for a complete leg and calf workout.

Pec Dec
The G9S Includes a Pec Dec Station that feature computer designed, dual-overhead variable resistance cams that allow each arm to operate independantly providing unilateral and bilateral chest, back and shoulder conditioning. Pop-pin adjustable seat elevates vertically to properly align your hands and elbows with the swiveling hand grips for proper alignment. Perform one-arm reverse flys for back and shouler development.

Product Weight: 972lb / 440.90kg
Product Dimensions:
Width : 76.00in / 1,930.40mm
Length : 89.00in / 2,260.60mm
Height : 83.50in/2,120.90mm

Package Dimensions:
Width : 42.01in / 1,067.05mm
Length : 38.78in / 985.01mm
Height : 7.76in / 197.10mm
Volume : 7.31 ft3 / 0.21 m3
Net Weight : 106.48lb / 48.30kg
Gross Weight : 112.00lb / 50.80kg

Package 2 Dimensions:
Width : 11.57in / 293.88mm
Length : 55.35in / 1,405.89mm
Height : 10.75in / 273.05mm
Volume : 3.99 ft3 / 0.11 m3
Net Weight : 74.80lb / 33.93kg
Gross Weight : 81.80lb / 37.10kg

Package 3 Dimensions:
Width : 19.69in / 500.13mm
Length : 25.04in / 636.02mm
Height : 9.41in / 239.01mm
Volume : 2.68 ft3 / 0.08 m3
Net Weight : 95.04lb / 43.11kg
Gross Weight : 100.30lb / 45.50kg

Package 4 Dimensions:
Width : 17.28in / 438.91mm
Length : 60.47in / 1,535.94mm
Height : 8.94in / 227.08mm
Volume : 5.41 ft3 / 0.15 m3
Net Weight : 96.58lb / 43.81kg
Gross Weight : 102.10lb / 46.31kg

Package 5 Dimensions:
Width : 17.28in / 438.91mm
Length : 41.14in / 1,044.96mm
Height : 8.11in / 205.99mm
Volume : 3.34 ft3 / 0.09 m3
Net Weight : 29.04lb / 13.17kg
Gross Weight : 33.40lb / 15.15kg

Package 6 Dimensions:
Width : 8.93in / 226.82mm
Length : 78.15in / 1,985.01mm
Height : 7.99in / 202.95mm
Volume : 3.23 ft3 / 0.09 m3
Net Weight : 51.70lb / 23.45kg
Gross Weight : 57.00lb / 25.86kg

Package 7 Dimensions:
Width : 5.71in / 145.03mm
Length : 11.02in / 279.91mm
Height : 5.04in / 128.02mm
Volume : 0.18 ft3 / 0.01 m3
Net Weight : 50.00lb / 22.68kg
Gross Weight : 50.60lb / 22.95kg

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